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No mascara needed! Just pretty glossy black lashes for 3 weeks.  Perfect for weddings and holidays.  

Let the addiction begin... 



Eyelash extensions enhance your own natural eyelashes, by adding extra length, thickness, volume and curl. By defining your eyes this really adds glamour to your face... My kit consists of Nouveau lashes which are state-of-the-art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker, very natural looking lashes. Soft and curved, Nouveau Lashes have a flat base and a fine, polished tip, just like natural lashes and are applied individually for a striking and defined result. The choice is yours! If you would like a natural look or extra volume.




Whilst relaxing lying down on a massage couch with your eyes closed. I gently apply an anti-wrinkle gel pad under your eyes, ensuring the bottom lashes are tucked under away from the top lashes. Then I use a protein remover pad to eliminate any traces of oils and protein, thoroughly cleansing the clients lashes. I comb them through and then get started. One at a time I isolate one of your lashes, then apply the lash extension to the clients individual lash, using the correct amount of adhesive to achieve the perfect bond. All you feel are your eyelashes being stroked.....A full set of lashes take approx 90 minutes to apply. During this time I will explain the aftercare and answer any of your question about your lashes. Remember this is your time! You can happily have a lash nap! Wearers of these beautiful, well defined lashes can shower, exercise and even swim (wear goggles) without worrying about them falling out.



No. Semi-permanent Lashes do not damage your natural lashes. As long as you follow the correct aftercare as stated below.





Hints & Tips for keeping your individual lash extensions for longer.


Lashes are precious! To ensure your lashes are long lasting and stay beautiful, proper care and maintenance are required. Be gentle with your lashes. Your lashes if cared for properly can last up to 4 weeks. 

* For the first 24 hours after your lashes are applied do not allow water to contact your lashes. 
* For 2 days after your lashes are applied do not steam face, use steam bath, swim or wash face with hot water. 
* Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on your lashes, as make-up remover will affect the bonding of your lashes. 
* Do not perm semi-permanent lashes. 
* Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both the semi-permanent lashes and the natural lashes. 
* Do not rub eyes when washing face. Always pat dry lashes after cleansing. 
* Avoid sleeping with your face down on your pillow. This will squash your lashes... 




Due to the life cycle of a lash being around 90 days, it is highly recommended that your maintenance appointment should be every 2-3 weeks to ensure maximum fullness.

This is an in-filll treatment which replaces any lost lashes and tidies any loose lashes.

Treatment time approx an hour. Price from £40.

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