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Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper realistic eyebrow stokes drawn on to your eyebrows, making them look even and symmetrical.


Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper realistic eyebrow stokes drawn on to your eyebrows, making them look even and symmetrical. Once the pigment is inserted using a hand held tool, it is waterproof, it does not wash off or smear, therefore no more brow make up is required to fill them in daily. To achieve a natural, defined look, the strokes are always drawn in the direction of the natural hair growth to achieve the best look.

Eye brows are the frame of your face. This treatment is perfect for those wanted to create a beautiful arch which some of us are not lucky enough to have naturally. This gives they eyes an instant lift where filling in sparse brows allows more definition. 

The shape of your eyebrows are measured and calculated by your natural facial features. They are measured strategically to your bone structure using the phibrows compass tool and then digitally measured using the Phibrows app, ensuring your new brows are drawn beautifully symmetrical and even. 

Microblading is a 2 appointment process. Your initial treatment and then your top up appointment. Your 2nd appointment is recommended 4 to 6 weeks after your first. Only 2 weeks after your second appointment you will see your final results. Patience and trust is needed.

On the day of your procedure your brows will be designed using a cosmetic pencil, you will then be able to see your brow shape before any work starts, once the shape is agreed the process will start, lasting approx 2 hours.

At every appointment your pigment colour is chosen to match your natural eyebrow colour, hair colour and complexion.  After your appointment your brows will look darker and bolder which may seem worrying, however trust is needed as this will fade after a few days. If you feel the colour is too dark please do not try to remove the pigment yourself. It’s important you follow the aftercare word for word. Up until you come back to your top up appointment you will lose 10 to 15 percent of the drawn strokes and in the second session these are re done.

Every treatment is performed with disposable sterile tools, and the pigments used are produced to the highest standards (phi brows microblading pigments)

The colour duration primarily depends on how oily your skin is, the oiler the skin the shorter the colour lasts. Sweating and sun exposure also reduce colour faster. On average, expected time until a new procedure and refreshment is between 12 to 16 months. With oily skin it is up to 6 and 8 months. Please note that everyone is different and everyone heals differently. The results can last between 9 months to 2 years depending on the skin. 

An ointment will be given to you to apply on your eyebrows after your treatment to take home with you.




Become familiar with the pre-treatment process before the treatment begins.
The skin must not be in the inflamed, in any healing process and in a healthy condition.

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days before the treatment;

  • Botox and fillers

  • Fruit or milk acids

  • Laser treatments

  • Chemical peelings

  • Exposure to strong sunlight (freshly tanned skin)

Retinol/Retina –A ‘s,


24/48 hours before treatment please don’t use the following;

  • Aspirins or any blood thinning medicines

  • Alcohol

  • High intake of caffeine

If you have an oily t-zone it is advisable to gently exfoliate the skin time to time before your procedure to prep the skin and use non oily cream based moisturisers and use oil free, gel or water based moisturisers.

If you are on acne medication it is advisable to wait 6 months after your course finishes to have microblading as your medication will thin your skin.


After care will be explained on the procedure date in detail.
You may experience the following symptoms for the first four days, please note that these are normal and part of the healing process;

  • Minor swelling and redness

  • Mild tenderness

  • Itchiness

  • Dry flaking skin, or some scabbing


The following MUST BE AVOIDED during all 14 days after each microblading procedure

  • Avoid getting your eyebrows wet 

  • Avoid sun bed

  • Avoid sweating in the gym

  • Avoid Jacuzzi’s/ saunas/ salt water/ chlorinated pools

  • Avoid Direct sunlight

  • Avoid Tanning treatments

  • No makeup on the brow area (foundation on the forehead)

  • Avoid Eyebrow tinting/ waxing / electrolysis/ laser hair removal close to the eye area

  • No anti-ageing creams on the brow area ( Retinol creams)

  • Avoid picking flakes if any appear

  • Avoid scratching the brow area



   Healing scars

  *Cardiovascular disease

   Radio therapy


  Allergies to Lidocaine

 Clients receiving chemical therapy

 Blood clotting disease


  Breastfeeding mothers


  Allergies to pigment

  Blood borne diseases such as HIV/Aids

  Keloids scarring


  Some Medications such as Roaccutane

  Skin disease/disorders




Microblading is charged £250. (This includes your 2nd appointment )


Annual top up prices:

£125 for existing clients

£150 for new clients

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